Believe it or not, the V60 is one of the most popular brewing methods in the world. 

1 - Boil your kettle and whilst the water cools for a minute or so, place your V60 over your mug/decanter and put your filter paper inside your V60.

2 - Next, pour water over the filter paper (this ensures that the filter doesnt affect the taste of your coffee) and discard the water.

3 - Place 15g of coffee into the filter and pour 50g of water over the coffee (pouring in a circular motion). Allow the coffee to "bloom" for 30 seconds.

4 - Pour another 50g of hot water over the coffee in a circular motion and allow to rest for 1 minute. Continue this step until you reach a total of 250g of water.

Ensure you pour your hot water evenly over the coffee at a steady pace for the best results.

Filters sold seperately. 

HARIO V60 Size 02 - White Plastic