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This is where we were born. The Seven Sisters in Sussex, England.

We spend most of our free time exploring and enjoying the countryside that resides on our doorstep.  The views are spectacular, the air is fresh and there is no better place to clear your head.

A few years back, we (my partner, puppy and I) discovered that there was a vast expanse of the South Downs that we had somehow never stumbled upon. 

We mapped out a route and prepared for a brand new adventure. It was my job to organise the essentials... a flask of coffee to keep us going on our hike. I ground enough coffee beans for two cups of a beautiful Guatemalan coffee and brewed using a V60 coffee dripper, got the wellies out and we were on our way!

When we stopped for our coffee break, the view we were blessed with was the one in the picture above. And so,    Seven Sisters Coffee Co. was born. 

I decided to create Seven Sisters Coffee Co. for two reasons. Firstly, to jargon-bust the world of speciality coffee for the people starting their coffee journey, with the aim of making it easier to find which coffee best suits your palate. Secondly, to offer a variety of beautiful, different, and unique coffee's to cater for the coffee connoisseur. 

But that's enough about us... you want to hear about the coffee you're buying!



We take huge pride in responsibly sourcing some of the world's most exciting coffee. At Seven Sisters Coffee Co. we have a wide selection of coffee from a number of different countries, meaning we offer a variety to cater to everyone's palate.

From a tasty decaff to a punchy single origin, we have it all!

Our three passion's are; teaching about coffee, developing new coffee blends, and continuing to source new coffee to keep our taste buds alive! Whether you are looking for a new single origin to experience new and exciting flavours, or a well-rounded blend to begin your coffee journey, you'll find it here!

We have an impressive core range of single origins and blends we know you'll love, but we will also be regularly adding a new guest coffee, so keep your eye's peeled, they will sell out fast!

When I began my journey in the world of coffee, I found the variety and terminology quite intimidating. 

Your first experience with proper coffee should be an exciting one. So, if you find it difficult deciding which coffee to pick, click the button below.